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Writing the Great Canadian Novel, one instalment at a time

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Hello, prospective reader!

This is a writing journal. I use it to post the occasional poem, story, what have you. If you're looking for my personal journal, drop me an email and I shall direct you there.

The journal's username is taken from Donna Tart's amazing novel, The Secret History. If you haven't read it, go read it now. It's well worth your time and money.

In the spirit of using this LJ more often, I have, at the urging of many of my friends, most notably baronscartop, talyesin, miseri, sandman7, toughlovemuse and quietlyurban (who are all part of this fiendish plot), begun writing a weekly serial, published every Tuesday. It's called Beyond the Pale and is set in the universe of Deadlands: the Weird West (it's a roleplaying game, I claim ownership of none of the background material).

There are seven serials, published every day of the week. In order they are:

Sunday: Squirrelman: Sins of the Past (the serialized sequel to The Amazing Adventures of the Sensational Squirrelman), by talyesin. Squirrelman has come to its natural end, but can be found in its entirety on talyesin's website. I encourage you to check it out. He is working on a new serial, Truthseekers which publishes on Wednesdays.

Monday: Baker's 12, by baronscartop (currently on hiatus but expected back in January 2007. You can catch up on past instalments at bakers_12.)

Tuesday: Beyond the Pale, by yours truly

Wednesday: Echo and Afterimage by toughlovemuse (currently on hiatus);

Thursday: Slip/Stream, by quietlyurban

Friday: Shifting Strands, by miseri (also on hiatus, I believe)

and last but certainly not least, Saturday: Hunter's Tales, by sandman7

sandman7, against all the laws of reason and good sense, has also begun a serial on Mondays: Queen's Champion.

Both of sandman7's serials have been on hiatus, but expect a triumphant return by the end of November 2006!

For your benefit, gentle reader, I have put all of Beyond the Pale in my Memories section, so you can have easy access to all the chapters, should you be desirous of reading them all. You can go directly there by clicking here If all goes according to plan, I'll be keeping that section up to date. If.


I have begun another serial, this time a science fiction piece I have called Conflation. It will publish every two weeks, on Thursdays. As with Beyond the Pale, I shall keep all the instalments in my memories section, here.

:::ETA #2:::

My 2006 attempt at a novel for National Novel Writing Month is going up as I write it. All the sections are available in order in the Memories section of this journal, as usual. There are ZOMBIES!

Happy Trails!
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