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I've decided to actually work on a LiveJournal post at work. Granted, this is only my writing journal, but it still counts as a post, right?

I was doing some mental math, always a dangerous process as far as I'm concerned, but sometimes it can be fun, and I thought I would write down the results. Here's what I was thinking. There are, not counting today, twenty-three days left in the August Writing Challenge. Keep this number in mind, as it will become important later.

I'm very likely going to be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I don't know what I'll be writing about, but the odds are good that I'll be participating. So I spent part of today trying to figure out if I should try and create another backlog of posts for both my serials, the way I had back in March and April. It helped a lot while I was working on other projects in May and June. I lost what was left of my backlog in July, but I've thus far been able to keep up without too much trouble. That may not be the case come September and November, since there will be the three-day-novel project and NaNoWriMo.

In order to have a backlog that'll last me through November, I'd have to write sixteen instalments of Beyond the Pale and eight instalments of Conflation before October 31st. That's a total of twenty-four instalments. Notice how there are twenty-three days left in the August Writing Challenge, not counting today? At 1,500 words per instalment, that's one instalment per day, with one day devoted to writing two instalments, and I'd be all set up until November 30th.

The problem I foresee with this is threefold: 1) unless I'm really motivated, I'm likely to get a little bored writing the same two stories all month long; 2) I got the idea for last year's NaNo novel while I was experimenting with different story ideas during the August Writing Challenge; 3) I won't be able to post what I'm writing during the month of August, since it'll all be backlog for the serials.

So I'm going to try to create a backlog. Heck, even a small backlog will help. If I get crazy and ambitious, maybe I'll try to create a backlog and still write other stuff for the August Writing Challenge. Wouldn't that be something?

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far. I've got today's instalment of BTP already written, and I'm one instalment ahead on Conflation, so at least I don't have to actively worry about my serials. I can instead create artificial problems in my head about them. Artificial problems are much more fun than real problems.


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