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Hola, faithful readers!

We are back. Beyond the Pale will be updating weekly once more, from now on. For those of you who are newly-arrived, or who've forgotten everything because it's been so damned long since I last updated, you may find all the previous instalments here.

When I have time, I am also going to go back and link all the instalments together (basically adding a "previous" and "next" option), so that people can read it all in order.

Without further ado, I present the next bit of the saga for your entertainment.

Wherein some explanations prove complicated to provide )
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*waves sheepishly*

Okay, I suck.

I have decided that "catching up" is ridiculous at this point. So starting in June I am going to resume posting installments of Beyond the Pale every week, on Tuesdays, the way I used to. If I'm extra-inspired, I'll post more, but there will be a minimum of one per week.

If I can figure out where the hell I want to go with Conflation, I'll post that on Thursdays as well.

If I try to "catch up," I'm just going to sabotage myself and feel guilty and stop writing. So! Back to square 1. There is a story to be told, and I am damned well going to tell it!

I have other plot bunnies clamouring for attention in my head too, but I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

Also, I have a new icon! Yay!
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We're back, faithful readers!

I'm still behind, but not as terribly as before. Slowly but surely wins the race, and all that. Bear with me, and you'll be getting your quota of story by the end of the week. Cross my heart.

After the botched train robbery )
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Hola, faithful and long-suffering readers!

Thank you for bearing with me here as I try to catch up on three days' worth of delay. I am going to try my very best to be all caught up by the end of the week, but I can sadly make no promises.

In any event, here is the next instalment!

The not-so-great train robbery, continued... )
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Hola, faithful readers!

Today's installment of BTP introduces something a little different. Time to change POVs once again. Hope you like it!

Happy Trails!

The train wreck, from a different perspective )
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Good afternoon, gentle readers!

Did you miss me? Fear not, BTP is back with another thrilling instalment!

Train wreck. )
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Good afternoon, faithful readers!

Without further ado, here is the next installment.

Happy Trails!

All about photography )
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Good evening, gentle readers!

Here, as promised, is today's installment. I'm determined not to fall too far behind on this project. There is a LOT of story to tell, and it deserves to be told. I hope you enjoy this little foray into a world of very little shootin' things all to hell. Lord knows, it doesn't happen a lot in the world of Deadlands.

Thaddeus Allman )
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Greetings, loyal fans!

Here is yesterday's installment. The new one will go up before midnight tonight, promise. :)

Happy Trails!

Full disclosure? You must be kidding! )
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Hola again, dear readers!

Without further comment, 'cause I'm busy with many things, here is the latest installment.

Cloan 'n' Dagger )
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Hola, faithful readers!

Welcome to the City o' Gloom. The posse's adventures in this city are only just beginning. Since I'm winging it, I've decided to explore the city a lot more than we did in the original game on which this story is based. I hope you enjoy my humble offering in this regard. :)

Happy Trails!

A change of viewpoint )
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Hola, faithful readers!

We're back with yet another installment of Beyond the Pale. New chapters will go up on Monday. Stay tuned!

Doc Yates )
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Good morning, dear readers!

We are venturing into unknown territory here. This is where the narrative is going to deviate a whole lot from the game on which this story is based, because as fun as the game was, it doesn't actually make for really compelling third-person narrative. So, your beloved narrator is going even further off-script, and embroidering a bunch before we get back to the "official" story.

Bear with me if it looks as though I'm floundering. I promise that whatever problems there are, we'll be back on track soon enough.

The Junkyard )
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Hola and good morning, faithful readers!

Here is the latest installment of BTP for your enjoyment! :)

Diablos everywhere! )
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Hola, dear readers!

We are back and almost on track with the new writing schedule. Because your beloved (if somewhat flaky) narrator is working night shift this week, you'll be getting your updates in the wee hours of the morning, most likely. My apologies for this inconvenience, and rest assured that next week we'll be back in business when I resume working during the day.

With that, I present to you the latest installment of BTP!

Los Diablos... de la muerte! )
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Hola, faithful readers!

I am behind schedule once again. Fear not! This shall be remedied soon. This weekend was full of other activities, and Other Writing, which unfortunately had to take precedence over Beyond the Pale. Shocking, I know.

There may, I am sad to say, be additional delays this coming week. I just realized belatedly that an upcoming section needs a lot of research, and I didn't have the materials to hand. I have since ordered them, but now we have to wait. I'm going to be able to manage at least one or two more episodes before I hit the OMG-I-haven't-researched-this wall, but after that if I haven't got my source material, we may have to wait a bit.

On the plus side, we're about to get to the good stuff. So yay!

City o' Gloom )
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Hola, faithful readers!

I am posting tomorrow's installment early. Aren't you thrilled? It's a nice change of pace from my constant apologizing for being late. :D

Woohoo! Advance chapter! )
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We're back on track, dear readers!

This episode took a little longer in terms of story time than I'd originally anticipated, but I rather enjoyed writing it. I always get a kick out of dialogue. :)

Hope you enjoy it!

Betrayal. )
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Faithful and devoted readers, we are once again caught up! w00t! Thank you for your patience and tolerance. :)

Here we go!

The thick plottens. )
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Hola, faithful and long-suffering readers!

I lie like a cheap rug, apparently. I am still behind, but I am working to rectify the situation, I swear!

Here is the newest instalment. Stay tuned for more, very soon!

A bit unexpected. )


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