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*waves sheepishly*

Okay, I suck.

I have decided that "catching up" is ridiculous at this point. So starting in June I am going to resume posting installments of Beyond the Pale every week, on Tuesdays, the way I used to. If I'm extra-inspired, I'll post more, but there will be a minimum of one per week.

If I can figure out where the hell I want to go with Conflation, I'll post that on Thursdays as well.

If I try to "catch up," I'm just going to sabotage myself and feel guilty and stop writing. So! Back to square 1. There is a story to be told, and I am damned well going to tell it!

I have other plot bunnies clamouring for attention in my head too, but I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

Also, I have a new icon! Yay!
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Dear readers,

Thank you for your unwavering loyalty. I am not dead, and I will, I promise, be updating with new episodes of Beyond the Pale, Conflation, and Crisse, des Zombies! (Zombie Crisis!) as soon as humanly possible.

Writing is a momentum-based activity. Once I sort out the new job/new schedule woes and start writing again, you will get back-to-back instalments of everything. Many thanks for your forbearance on this matter. I am currently working out some plot kinks in Crisse, des Zombies! (Zombie Crisis!) and hope to have them resolved shortly.


Dec. 13th, 2006 12:11 pm
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Hola, faithful readers!

I am sorry to do this, but between the new job and other stuff happening around here, I am compelled to put Beyond the Pale, Conflation and Crisse, des Zombies! (Zombie Crisis!)< on hiatus until the first week of January.

WIth any luck, by then my schedule will be under control again, and I'll be able to deliver the adventures you've been awaiting. :)

Thanks for your understanding.

~[ profile] secret_history
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I have officially whupped SarahJanet's narrow behind (don't worry, new readers, it's all in good fun and very metaphorical). I have given myself a new wordcount goal of 80,000 words by tomorrow night, and I'm doing pretty well, all-around:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
76,906 / 80,000

I managed to update my wordcount on the NaNoWriMo website, but now it won't let me so much as look at the forums. They must be having a server problem, because all the other websites I look at regularly seem to be working just fine, including LJ.


The serials will NOT be publishing this week, in case you hadn't noticed. I can't guarantee that they will be online next week either. I will be posting three entire issues of Beyond the Pale and two issues of Conflation the first week of December to compensate my regular and faithful readers.

In the meantime, Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead will continue to be updated until such time as the story is finished. I have given some thought to whether or not it's a good idea to keep it here on this public forum, as a few friends kindly pointed out that this might be an impediment to future publication. Some publishers want the rights of first publication, and consider posting something for free on the internet a "first publication." At this point, I'm willing to take that risk, in the hopes of eventually building a small readership on my own. One of these days I plan to have a website that's independent of LiveJournal, but first I have to figure out how to do that. The intarweebs are not exactly my specialty, after all. I play with words, not code.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers, both old and new, for all your encouragement throughout NaNoWriMo, and in the case of a few, since I started publishing the serials. I really, really appreciate every comment, every minute you take to read what I have to say. Without you, this LJ would have very little meaning. Hat's off to you. :)
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Greetings, dear readers!

As promised, here is the latest instalment of Conflation, well within accepted parameters. I decided to work on it before I continued with ASotLD, as it was the more time-sensitive of the two. ASotLD will follow, err, soon. Tonight, sometime. Can't be more specific than that: it all depends on how cooperative the characters are.

Okay, onward!


Compromise )


Nov. 9th, 2006 05:10 pm
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The wordcount meter has risen from the dead! Woohoo! Zombie wordcount meters, now there's a concept.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,111 / 50,000

Okay, here's news about what's going to be happening tonight, writing-wise:

1- Updates for Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead (aka Crisse, des zombies! (Zombie Crisis!)) will be going up presently. Look for them in the next fifteen to thirty minutes.

2- I will be reaching 50K in the next few hours.

3- Conflation will be written and posted once I've hit 50K for ASotLD. Look for it later, probably around 9pm eastern time.

The next two items are not about creative writing projects that appear in this space, but which a few people have been asking about:

4- Those of you expecting a summary of the last Mutopia game will be getting it either late tonight or early tomorrow. Keep an eye on [ profile] cassowary for that.

5- Bluebook JPs will get replies late tonight or early tomorrow morning as well.

Okay. None of this is going to write itself. I am off!
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Current wordcount stands at 47,111 words. Go me!

I went to bed instead of pushing for that extra 2,889 words last night, for reasons of health and sanity. Today I shall be shopping for boots, so no wordcount will be forthcoming until this evening, when I also have Conflation to write.

I also have three other writing deadlines for tomorrow.

So, I have my work cut out for me, it would seem.

Onward and upward!
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Took Day 5 off, for reasons of mental health. Decided it was NOT worth losing all my sanity for the sake of wordcount. Seriously: GAH!

Okay, with that articulate notion out of the way, I am pleased to report further progress today. Wordcount currently stands at 35,238 words and nearly 100 pages single-spaced.

I spent a good part of today simply brainstorming in my notebook with the nifty blue Pilot pen I bought expressly for this purpose. A flash of inspiration prompted me to go and dig out my copy of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land and Other Poems and give it another read-through. After sitting with the poems and my thoughts for the better part of the afternoon, I was able to re-think the way I'd been planning to structur the novel. Instead of simply switching back and forth between "now" and the recent past, I have decided to divide the novel into three parts, inspired partly by "The Waste Land." I decided in a tongue-in-cheek moment that a fairly strong case might be made for the notion that "The Waste Land" is (at least in part) about zombies.

So I restructured my novel, and managed to churn out slightly over 5,000 words today. I made myself stop at 35,000 even though the plot bunnies are hopping around, because I refuse to burn out over this. I am about 200 words ahead of SarahJanet, so my honour is intact for now. I do not need to keep writing.

The insane part of my brain that wants me to hit 50K by Wednesday evening has been told to shut up in no uncertain terms.

If I divide my novel into three parts, each being roughly 35,000 words (I'm nearly at the end of Part I, as far as I can tell), then in order to finish by the 30th of November I'd have to write 3,000 words (and change) per day. I don't know how I feel about that. This is also not including any and all other writing projects I have going on at the same time.

For the record, I'm not setting myself that goal. Even if I could do it (and maybe I can), I don't think it's a healthy one. So I'm going to plug away at the novel at whatever pace feels comfortable on any given day. I am going to stop writing at least every 2,000 words and re-evaluate how I'm feeling. If I'm tired, then I'll stop. Under no circumstances will I stay up past midnight to work on the novel (writing LJ posts doesn't count for that).

These are my new resolutions for NaNo.

There will be no posting of new material tonight, because there are some things I want to fix (ie, wordcount that I want to add) to some of the scenes before I post them. They will go up tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow I have to find some time for the new instalment of BTP. Conflation also needs some TLC this week. Ack! So much writing to do!

Good night, gentle readers! I will see you in the morning.
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Good night, faithful readers!

Punctuality was sacrificed tonight in the name of kick-ass roleplaying. I regret nothing. Also, here is the latest instalment of Conflation. I have officially run out of backlog for this serial as well. Everyone watch as I panic and flail, since November is just around the corner!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I know I'm having fun.


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Good evening, faithful and long-suffering readers!

I am on time tonight! Go me! I actually remembered that today was a Conflation day, and thus I am posting the serial in a timely fashion.

Readers of my personal LJ will also know that I just lost my job, and while that's bad news for me, it's good news for the writing, for which I'll now have more time, at least for a little while. Just in time for NaNoWriMo, in fact. I shall be writing about zombies. I am very excited.

Okay, onward!


Crossfire )
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Greetings, gentle readers!

My apologies for not posting Conflation on time last week. Truth is, I was tired and I plain forgot. So tonight you get both serials all at once. Exciting, eh?

Stay tuned for more excitement!


Juryrigging )
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Here we are, dear readers. As of this week, Conflation returns to its bi-monthly schedule. Hope you enjoyed the ride in August, I know I did.

Tally ho!


Backup )
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Good evening, dear readers! Your beloved narrator is about to go lapse into a coma, but before that, I bring you the latest instalment of our little saga.


Extraction )
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Hello again, faithful readers!

Conflation proceeds apace, as you can see. I am now even farther ahead of schedule than I was last week, having completed 21 instalments. That puts us somewhere in the vicinity of October in terms of posting. So you won't have to worry about going without your fix until then, if at all.

Remember that, come September, we're reverting to the old bi-monthly posting schedule, in order to save your beloved Narrator's sanity. I'm also starting a new job which looks to be pretty busy during the day, so I'm going to need all the backlog I can get, especially at first.

Okay, enough administrivia. On with the story!


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Welcome back, faithful readers, to a third week of back-to-back instalments of Conflation. Two more weeks of this afterward, and then it's back to our regularly-scheduled program, so take advantage while you can.



Responsibility )
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Another week, another instalment. Aren't we all glad it's August and that your beloved Narrator is posting once a week? Faithful readers will be pleased to know that I have been slaving over Conflation and have instalments written that will last all the way to the end of September. The madness never ends!


Trust )
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Greetings, dear readers!

As promised, during the August Writing Challenge I will be posting Conflation every week as a special bonus. Are we having fun yet?


Reassessment )
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Many apologies, dear readers!

I got mixed up in my scheduling and accidentally skipped last Thursday's posting of Conflation. So tonight you'll be getting the special treat of *both* serials at the same time. Isn't that exciting?


Directions )
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Welcome back, faithful readers! I'm having a little trouble keeping track of this bi-monthly posting schedule, but no doubt I'll get used to it eventually.

So here, for your reading pleasure, is another instalment of Conflation. Hope you enjoy it.


Complications )
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Good night, faithful readers! I'm late because I was at a writing jam with the lovely and talented [ profile] toughlovemuse who is, to coin [ profile] fearsclave's phrase, a pearl among women. She made an awesome strawberry salad. That has nothing to do with writing, but it had to be said.

Anway, we're onto the regular posting schedule for Conflation. When last we left our heroes, Vanya had asked the fateful question that we all learn early on never, ever to ask, no matter what. But then, Vanya wouldn't be Vanya if he didn't tempt the Fates once in a while.


Panthera )


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