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Here I am, a day late, but with over 1,000 words to my name. So, yay! This is in response to [info]curtana's recommendation that I write something based on Incarnate (a RPG), but I think it stands on its own without needing too much explanation. I could be mistaken, of course. Her suggestion reminded me of this scene (unrelated to our game) that was rattling around in my head for a while. I finally decided to write it down.

The baby was crying. )
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Well, [ profile] august_writing is off to a good start. I was a little worried, because by last night I was already running two days late on my writing. However, a good afternoon's worth of writing today has me mostly back on track.

The really good news: Beyond the Pale has officially reached the 200,000 word mark today! To celebrate, here is a gold-coloured word meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
200,075 / 400,000

Today's wordcount on BTP: 3,844 words

Two instalments will be going up tonight (after I post this), and with any luck two more will go up tomorrow. After that, we shall see.

I also wrote a little under 1,000 words for [ profile] forthright's prompt in my regular LJ a couple of weeks ago. It currently stands at 3,072 words, and I think I'm about halfway done. I'm having a lot of trouble with it, unfortunately (sorry for the delay, [ profile] forthright!), because I'd like it to be self-contained, by which I mean I'd like anyone to be able to read it and derive enjoyment out of it without needing a giant infodump. Unfortunately, there's an entire campaign's worth of background information that needs to be explained (maybe even two campaigns) and encapsulated for anything to make sense. I'm also still struggling with my focal character, because he was an NPC and I don't really get what makes him tick. Gah. All very frustrating. I may end up starting over again, simply because I'm really not happy with how it's turning out.

It's not too late to provide me with a prompt, by the way! Just go to this entry and post your very own prompt! I will get to it eventually, I promise. Or you could even post the prompt here. I will receive it either way.

So nearly 5,000 words today. Reminds me of last year's NaNo. Good times all around.
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[ profile] sorceror is evil and asked me for an Incarnate drabble featuring little one-armed Shannons. I've done my best to accommodate him, but I realised that, as a player, I don't really "get" Alvin Standard. So I had to improvise a bit on his character. I hope I've done him justice.

There's only one reason Shannon would be hungover... )


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