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I've written another installment of Conflation, and I figure I may as well start posting it regularly.

So, faithful readers, any particular preference for when you'd like me to post? Weekly? Every two weeks? Any day of the week you prefer? Not Tuesdays, obviously, but any other day is a valid choice.

This is a free account, so I can't make a real poll, but comments will do just as well. I can't promise that I'll be able to fulfill all your wishes and desires, but at least it'll give me an idea of where to start.

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Okay, so if I'm going to be taking this whole "writing thing" seriously, I had better start writing, hadn't I?

First things first. Next Tuesday will see the triumphant return of Beyond the Pale. I'm going to rewrite the last issue (which hasn't been published yet because I was really unhappy with it), and get back on track. Catching up all in one go is probably too ambitious, so I'm going to update between two and three times a week until such time as I am caught up, at which point I will go back to publishing on Tuesdays. As of this week, I am 35 issues behind. This means that, at best, I shall be caught up sometime in March. More likely April or May. Stay tuned.

Next. I have put up a poll here in my other LJ. [ profile] secret_history isn't a paid account, nor will it ever be unless I win the lottery, so no polls in here. By all means go and take the poll. I work very well when given challenges by friends. :)

Next again. I shall be endeavouring to actually finish my NaNo novel over the course of the next two to three months. The story is by no means done, and I don't want to leave it incomplete. Feel free to remind me every so often that it's still ongoing if you don't see me writing about it.

Next some more. I have a YA novel sitting in the back of my head. It will get written, come hell or high water. This story has been three years in the making now, and has gone through three different incarnations in my head. It has failed twice, because I hadn't captured the right voice for it. I believe I have found the right voice, and so now it will get written. I even have a notebook for it.

And another thing!

Actually, that's it. Except for the serial, none of this will constitute "regular" writing. I shall post as I see fit. However, I'm putting it out here to make it official, to make sure that I don't put anything aside for too long.

I really wish I had room for *one* more icon in this LJ. ;)


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